b'INGEAR ISSUE 6RUN YOUR DAF FLEETAT MAXIMUM FUEL EFFICIENCY BENEFITS OF USING DAF FILTERSLOWER EMISSIONSSpecifically designed AIR DRYER AND LONG SERVICEfor your DAF fleetCARTRIDGETop quality materials INTERVALS WITH COSTused throughoutINCLUDED SAVING DAF GENUINERetain performance FILTER SERVICE KITS between service intervalsStandard and long DAF Genuine filters arecan seriously reduceservice intervalspecifically designed performance andoptions availablefor DAF trucks, and efficiency by restrictingfor Euro 6allow engines to breathe the flow of air or oil easy by ensuringprematurely, resultingEfficiency and that only clean airin lower mpgs, higherhigh performance and oil enter theemissions and shorterguaranteedengine to deliver highservice intervals.Filter Kits offerperformance, maximumDAF Genuine filter value for moneyefficiency and a long,kits cover all DAFtrouble-free service life. Euro 6 models as wellFull DAF warrantyInferior filtersas older vehicles &Keep your DAF safe manufactured fromoffer excellent value with OEM filterslow quality materialsand performance. DAF CF/XF BRAKE CALIPERS, DISCS & PADS BRAKE PADS THE PERFECT BRAKINGDAF Brake Pads offer improved stabilityand resistance to higher operating COMBINATION temperatures, heat dissipation and reinforced back plates. These features provide less vehicle down time and lower operational The performance and endurance of each part of an airDAF GENUINEcosts, with improved safety and driver braking system is crucial to ensure operational safety. BRAKE PADS experience. Spring kit included.The outstanding performance of DAF Calipers, discs 4and pads is the result of many years of research and OFFdevelopment. Manufactured specifically for DAF trucks,they are all supported by a full DAF Nationwide warranty.WITH YOURMAX PARTS VOUCHERBRAKE DISCSDAF OE Air Disc systems are selected and developed to work perfectlytogether and provide the ultimateBRAKE CALIPERSin braking safety and efficienciesBRAKE DAF genuine Brake Calipers DAF Brake Discs undergoCALIPERS10 OFF provide increased vehicle uprigorous and demandingtime at competitive prices,testing to provide thekeeping operating costs downsafety features youwhilst providing optimal brakingexpect from your vehicle, performance in all weatherand can withstand WITH YOUR conditions when matched extreme demandsMAX PARTSwith DAF genuine Brake Discs,VOUCHER Pads and Brake Actuation. The DAF splined BRAKE DISCSBrake Disc is designed8 OFFto provide long lifeFOR Aand a cost effectivePAIRsolution by reducing heat transfer to theWITH YOURwheel hub and avoiding MAX PARTS unnecessary stresses VOUCHER'