b'ISSUE 7 INGEARMEET SOME OF THE TEAM AT PACCAR PARTS LEYLANDROHAN Ive worked at the Leyland PDC sincehandled, the average call service level and howI am particularly proud of the way our team BROWit first opened in 2003. Initially I was amany online and email cases were received. continued to provide a service to the dealer PPS Customer Service Agent, then becameMy main tasks centre around managing casesnetwork throughout the pandemic.FACILITATOR the Customer Service Team Leader andand workload which involves making sure thatWe progressed from using a mix of PCs and onto my current position. the case queue isnt too large and that agentspaper-based systems to having the capabilityworkloads are cleared in a timely manner, withfor the entire team to work from home. YEARS AT PDC Our team forms a part of the European Customerany urgent enquiries being handled quickly. Now we can quickly switch to home working 4 Service team with helpdesks in Eindhoven,should the need ever arise again.Budapest and a smaller one in Madrid. I manageI usually deal with the weird and wonderful a team of 8 in Leyland made up of Customerenquiries that come in, some of which are bothNICOLA Service Agents, VOR (vehicle off road) Agents challenging and interesting! FORREST and also agents that deal with productsIts definitely the people who make the PDCCUSTOMER shipped direct from our suppliers. at Leyland what it is. This includes not just mySERVICEMy typical day usually involves me starting immediate colleagues, but also those working in the dealer network. SUPERVISORwork early at home, then breaking off to do the school run, then coming into the office after that.It is nice when dealer visits mean we can putYEARS AT PDCIts great looking back overI then analyse and prepare a report on thefaces to names which helps us build great192021 and seeing how weve alreadyprevious days performance, which includes therelationships with the people we speak to onimpacted the business through number of calls received compared to the numberthe phones every day.PPS in 2021. Im proud that together we haveLEYLAND PDCNO. 2 WORLD significantly impacted all our business metrics, more than doubling the output in every STATISTICSarea weve reviewed so far - RANKING PDCan astonishing statistic Im stilltrying to comprehend myself! WITH RECORD I started work at the Leyland PDC in 20187348as a Business Apprentice with placementsDIFFERENT PARTS SCORE IN 2021in almost every department: CustomerPICKED EVERY DAYService, Materials, Sales & Marketing & PDC Operations. 2000I have been working as PPS Facilitator for VOR ORDERS99 . 99%just over a year. PPS (PACCAR ProductionCORRECT PICK RATEBEST IN THE WORLDSystem) is PACCARs translation of LeanRECEIVED EACH DAYmanagement into its plants and operations across the globe.1100+PPS seeks to reduce waste within our90000+processes, improving value and customer,SAFE DAYS RECORDsatisfaction. Its my job to build a culture of(ZERO LOST WORKING TIME) PARTS IN THE TRP RANGEcontinuous improvement where everyone is constantly looking to improve working180 , 000+processes as we offer top-class products and150services to our network! OF STORAGE No day is ever the same for me (one ofSTAFF AT THE PDC SQ.FT SPACEthe many pleasures of my job). My time is usually spent either working on a specific project or raising awareness of PPS and the Lean concept through various5 K 14 % 5 % %communications, training sessions & articles.One of the most rewarding parts of my job is 10completing a project which transforms part of the PDC both visually and operationally! IMPROVEMENTS Every time I walk through areas weveCUSTOMERINCREASE MADE EVERY YEARchanged, its a lasting, physical reminder that represents the impact made and how muchSERVICES PARTS SHIPPED IN 2021we have contributed to the bigger picture. CALLS A MONTH'